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About Duetron VMS Test

DuetronVMS software is a complete solution for video surveillance & management, providing access to all SD/HD IP cameras, encoders, VRM and DVR recording devices over network. Additionally it performs 7/24 recording of security cameras with feature-rich NVR option. Even though the system is mainly developed for Bosch devices, it can also work with ONVIF cameras as well.

DuetronVMS, which is designed according to client/server architecture, can be deployed and configured to many computers on a network. Overall system management can be done from any node in a network with user friendly management application.

The software intends to meet the needs of both small scale and large scale security systems containing a large number and variety of devices.

For more powerful video surveillance and management ability, DuetronVMS provides an easy way to define users and groups, to make authorisation on the basis of both devices and processes, to prepare live tracking scenarios.

Further controlling PTZ cameras and using the system in efficient way with integrated map and alarm management is possible in DuetronVMS.

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