Duetron FMS

DuetronFMS software has been developed for usage and management of Bosch fire alarm panels by providing an effective way and 7/24 event monitoring.

Duetron FMS

In order to serve all the features and capabilities of the hardware to end-users efficiently, DuetronFMS allows controlling the panels from any point in the network with feature-rich user interfaces.

Software infrastructure is designed to be suitable for usage in both small and large-scale buildings like shopping, conference centers, hospitals and spor complexes that includes numerous control elements and dedectors.

DuetronFMS is able to run simultaneously in many nodes of the local network because of its client/server based architecture. Data, received from the fire alarm panel, is distributed to all workstations in real time by the server.


Communication with the panel is provided over OPC, communication with the workstations is provided over TCP/IP ports.

Scenarios and processes that will be launched in an alarm situation, can be defined as required by the system administrator or an authorized user. These operations are executed automatically if applicable in a related situation and feedback information can be received from the log records at any time. Additionally, each operation which performed manually by users, is also saved as log records. 


How it works?


DuetronFMS Service 

Windows service application that runs on a server computer.

It has a constant connection with the fire panel. Some of its operations are delivering panel messages to the system,

producing alarm states, performing automatic operations, sending commands to the panel, etc. 



DuetronFMS Server 

Management application that runs on a server computer. It provides user interfaces for all configuration operations and settings. It also allows monitoring the current status of fire panels and workstations. Additionally, log and alarm records can be queried with different parameters. 





DuetronFMS Monitor

Workstation application that runs on client computers. It is connected to the server and visualizes all the data coming from panel with a user-friendly interface. Sending command to fire alarm panel, tracking dedectors on the map, getting reports are also possible with this application. 



Autocad map support Group based authorization Remote control of the panels
Unlimited number of clients User defined state groups H264 & MPEG4 recording
User defined logical trees User defined address lists Querying & exporting log/alarm informations
Auto detection of panel enhancement Predefined jobs for alarm states Real-time monitoring of clients
Visual and audible warning during alarm state    


Supported operating systems : Windows7, Windows8, Windows Server 2008

Supported OPC standards : DA 2.0 DA 3.0 AE 1.01

Supported devices : Bosch FPA-5000 Bosch FPA-1200