Duetron EVMS

DuetronEVMS Video Recording and Management Software provides access to all SD/HD IP cameras, encoders, VRM and DVR recording devices on an IP network. In addition, NVR recording option enables analog cameras connected to an IP camera and an encoder to record for 24/7.

Duetron EVMS

The system is basically developed for Bosch-branded devices. Designed with a Client/Server structure, the software is installed and configured in a way to operate with more than one computer on a network. Configuration of the entire system can be performed through one single application via any point on a network.

DuetronEVMS offers a flexible disk management mechanism to store archive files and put the disk into effective use. This setup allows to automatically perform disk cleanup and transfer old archives to other storing medium.

DuetronEVMS software components :

DuetronEVMS Server : The software introduces any camera, encoder and recording device on an IP network to the system and makes sure the server runs on the computer continuously.

This is where recording and client computers are identified and managed. In addition, it allows to adjust settings such as operation, group/user and log schedule, and monitor alarms, logs and instant system status.

 DuetronEVMS Recording (NVR) : It allows saving images from video input of configured and assigned cameras to be stored by a server and audio stream from microphone input, if supported. It is designed in a way to operate for 24/7 while relevant programs are launched once the computer is turned on and they go into the saving mode.

 DuetronEVMS Monitor : A type of software that runs on computers installed as a work station. This handles operations for system monitoring such as live monitoring, archive tracking, control of mobile cameras, and map and alarm management.

 DuetronEVMS Video Wall : An application to allow single or multiple images to be displayed on larger screens. System can offer a desired number of Video Walls and it is remotely managed by current work stations depending on authorization.

Supports up to 4 monitors. Operating systems supported by the application: Win7 SP1, Win Server 2008, Windows8

Recommended screen resolution: 1280x1024


How it works?


HD camera support Management through a central server Time synchronization among devices
Instant system monitoring through a server Capability to add any requested number of work stations (client) Redundant operating option for recording devices
Double monitor support (live monitoring and archive) Pan–tilt–zoom camera (PTZ) control Simultaneous monitoring for live footages of 25 different cameras (50 with double monitors)
Monitoring & saving audio stream for audio-supported cameras Log schedules defined by users Length of recording selected by users
Non-stop recording for 24/7 in developed using NVR logic Recording in H264 and MPEG4 Password-protected user log-in and user groups
Group-based operating authorizations Device-based access and control authorization Recording a snapshot in image format
Alarm Management Digital zoom Log & Alarm query and export as Excel file
User interface in Turkish and context-sensitive assistance Programmable disk space management Monitoring both live and archive footages on same screen
Simultaneous monitoring for footages of 25 cameras on archive screen Monitoring archive footages by selected date/time range and time scale Zooming in on time-scale while viewing archive footages
Exporting archive footages by any time range and any format Fast forward, rewind and play at various speeds options Zooming via mouse wheel for archive and recording
"Full Screen" and "Full Screen with Controls" for archive and live monitoring Displaying time ranges with motions in images on a time scale Map support for camera locations
ONVIF camera support    



Supported Devices
VIP X2 VIP XD VideoJet X10 VideoJet X20 VideoJet X40
VideoJet X40 VideoJet X10 VideoJet X20 Dinion-IP VG4 AutoDome MPEG-4
VIP X1600-M4 VIP X2E FlexiDome-IP VIP X1600-XFMD VIP X1600-XFM4
AutoDome Easy IP VideoJet X20 VCA Extreme Series IP NBC 225 P VIP X1600-M2
VideoJet X20 SN VCA VIP X1 XF NBC 225 W NBC 255 P NBC 255 W
AutoDome Easy II IP AutoDome Easy II IP E VIP X1 XF E VJT-X20XF-E VJT-X40XF-E
AutoDome 700 FlexiDome NDx 4xx P FlexiDome NDx 4xx P IVA Dinion NBx 4xx P Dinion NBx 4xx P IVA
VG4 AUTODOME H.264 NDC 225 P NDC 255 P VOT 320V NDC 274 P
NDC 284 P NTC 265 PI NDN 265 PIO Dinion NBN-921-P NDN 822
FlexiDome NDN-921-P NBC 265 W NDC 265 P NBC 265 P NDC 225 PI
NTC 255 PI AutoDome JR 800 HD AutoDome JR 800 HD FIXED NEI-30 IR Imager AutoDome 800 HD
NEN-65 Ex Protected Dinion HD 1080p FlexiDome HD 1080p RD VIP XD HD VG5-836
Dinion NER-L2 MIC 550 AutoDome 7000 HD VJT XTC XF Dinion HD 1080p HDR
FlexiDome HD 1080p HDR RD AutoDome 7000 IP VideoJet decoder 7000 VIP X16 XF E Dinion HD 720p
FlexiDome HD 720p RD FlexiDome HD 1080p VR FlexiDome HD 1080p HDR VR FlexiDome HD 720p VR FlexiDome micro 2000 IP
FlexiDome micro 2000 HD FlexiDome micro 5000 HD FlexiDome micro 5000 MP IP micro 2000 IP micro 2000 HD
IP micro 2000 WI FlexiDome indoor 5000 HD FlexiDome indoor 5000 IR FlexiDome outdoor 5000 HD FlexiDome outdoor 5000 IR
IP bullet 5000 HD FlexiDome indoor 5000 MP FlexiDome outdoor 5000 MP Dinion imager 9000 HD FlexiDome corner 9000 MP
VideoJet decoder 3000 Dinion 5000 HD Dinion 4000 HD VideoJet multi 7000 Dinion starlight 8000 5MP
MIC 7230 EX65 HD Dinion ultra 8000 12MP IP micro 2000 L Dinion 5000 MP
FlexiDome indoor 4000 HD FlexiDome indoor 4000 IR FlexiDome outdoor 4000 HD FlexiDome outdoor 4000 IR IP bullet 4000 HD
1200 Series IP Video Storage System 1400 Series IP Video Storage System Video Streaming Gateway VRM VideoJet 110
VideoJet 1000 VideoJet 100 VideoJet 10 VideoJet 8008 VideoJet 8004
DiBos Divar IP (BVMS-based) DVR-700 Series DVR-400 Series DVR-600 Series
DVR-3000 Series DVR-5000 Series      

Configuration Features

Min. Configurations
Intel Pentium Dual Core, 3.0 GHz
100 Mbps Ethernet
No sound card installed
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 (PCI Express)



Max. Performance Configurations
Intel® CoreTM2 Duo E8500 3.16 6MB/1333 CPU
6 MB L2 Cache
1333 MHz Front-Side-Bus (FSB)
2 GB DDR2 800 ECC Dual Channel Memory
Integrated 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit-Ethernet
Integrated Audiochip for full-duplex Audio (1x Mic, 1x LSP, 1x Lin-in)
160 GB SATA hard drive 7200 r.p.m.
Graphics card: NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 PCIe (512 MB, driver version 91.85)
Dual Monitor





Available Graphics Cards
NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500 PCIe (256 MB, driver version 91.85)
NVIDIA Quadro FX 1500 PCIe (256 MB, driver version 91.85)
NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 PCIe (512 MB, driver version 91.85)
NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600 PCIe (768 MB, driver version 91.85)
NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 PCIe (768 MB, driver version 91.85)
NVIDIA Quadro NVS 285 PCIe (128 MB, driver version 91.85)
NVIDIA Quadro NVS 440 PCIe (256 MB, driver version 91.85)
ATI FireGL V7200 PCIe (256 MB, driver version 8.323)
ATI FireGL V3300 PCIe (128 MB, driver version 8.323)