Duetron CG

Duetron Character Generator - Broadcast Application

Duetron CG

DuetronCG is a character generator system designed to provide all character generator operations for broadcasts of television channels. This system designed in a very flexible manner and gives ability to make numerous different layouts and to assign many effects onto them.

DuetronCG that is already used by many television channels, gives you a wide range of solutions for both news and information alongside your TV broadcast signal. Producing specialized layouts just for your channel is possible with rich features that it has for design steps.

The software also has multi-layered structure and  can simultaneously broadcast many different objects like text, graphic, animation, rolls & crawls

Component, composite or SDI video input/output Flexible screen design & user friendly GUI There is no limit in the number of layouts
There is no limit in number of objects defined as animation, picture or text in layouts Support for all known image formats Flash animation files
Z-order settings Transparency settings Alpha channel support
Preview the broadcast Ability to set frame based in & out time differently for each object Vertical, horizontal and diagonal sliding text & images
Changeable speed during broadcast Dynamic data receiving from external sources (txt, xls, mdb files) Password protected user management
Multi language support