Duetron VMS, Extraordinary

In actual world of CCTV, decreases in prices of IP cameras in consequence of competition have occurred; this decrease has assured to IP a more preferable position relative to that of analog cameras, by reducing their prices to more accessible levels.

The fact that many brands manufacture cameras with differentiated features and specifications and the continuous improvement in the sector of software have began to enforce users, through time, to prefer only one product.

Steps toward standardization have also been taken in order to prevent chaos in IP CCTV systems. The target was interoperability of products of different brands in same infrastructure.

The first steps of standardization were taken in 2008 under organization of ONVIF of brands of Axis, Bosch and Sony. This standard which did not gain much attention at first, generated, in following years, the indispensable core technology that is used by almost all brands and demanded in IP system by the participation of hundreds of manufacturers. This participation did not remain limited to firms manufacturing IP cameras and recording devices, software firms and other manufacturers of IP based security systems tended, in time, to be members of this structure.

Today, the system installers prefer to use products of different brands that they desire without depending to a single brand, by gathering them under the single software by virtue of ONVIF feature. And even they can get rid of provision of high cost software which production firms develop for their own brand. This structure which does not create brand dependency, assures to system installers a larger range in product selection.

Teknomaks began to develop itself the CCTV software under the brand of Duetron in order to create difference with respect to softwares of brand that it uses in IP CCTV systems and to meet the demands of clients. The Software of Video Recording and Management of Duetron (DuetronVMS) which came up inconsequence of works of nearly three years can provide access to any SD/HD IP camera, analog-IP encoder, VRM and DVR recording devices on IP network. Furthermore, it is able to perform recording of 7/24 of analog cameras attached to IP camera and encoder without problem through the option of NVR recording. The system was initially started to develop basically for utilization of devices of Bosch brand.  After a considerable progress in this process, IP cameras of black series of Honeywell which joined to our product range by this year began to be included in utilization as a second step.

Features like live and archive monitoring, control of mobile cameras, map and alarm management can easily be performed by means of Duetron software.  The system enables the operator to make broad monitoring by screening of one or multiple image on big screens. Wall application with four monitors can be performed and these video wall devices can be managed remote online, through the Monitor Wall software.

It provides larger opportunities in establishment of work stations which are limited by other manufacturers and that are costly when they are wanted to be multiplied.

Recording of sound in the environment taking place in user demands can be possible in case of presence of microphone on cameras.

As mobile camera (PTZ) control through the software is available, it is also possible to integrate the keyboard of the manufacturing firm to the system. 

There is the facility to watch live views of 25 cameras (50 with double monitors) simultaneously, by means of the double monitor support.

Furthermore, a more developed version of this software which includes numerous NVR recording devices and which is designed to be utilized in larger scale systems, have figured in the sector under name of DuetronEVMS.

The Software of Video Recording and Management of Duetron which is developed with user demands beside standard features available in present softwares of manufacturers, and which can be customized on the basis of system with its other features will always take its place among IP CCTV systems as being different and user friendly.

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