Teknomaks Takes Part in ISAF Security 2015 Fair

Author: Gökhan YILDIZ / Created at: 2015-11-16 07:21:50

Putting the world's finest and most reliable brands of building electronics on the market since its inception in line with needs and expectations of its business partners, Teknomaks took part in ISAF Security 2015 Fair held on September 17 to 20.

The company provided visitors with generic products for CCTV systems as well as high-definition 5MP and 12MP (4KUHT) steadicams, panoramic cameras released this years including video analysis software and MIC440 Blast Proof PTZ cameras.

Combining unparalleled reliability with excellent sensory performance as a favorite item of architects thanks to their aesthetic looks, Avenar detectors and modern and ultra smooth-designed FAP 520 detectors attracted the interest of visitors to a major extent. For audio recording systems, the digital Praesideo and newly-released Paviro products were promoted along with a wide range of loud speakers.

Bosch Security and Card-Pass Systems were integrated into the Building Integration Systems (BIS) and displayed for the interested parties. Visitors took a look at BIS and Duetron with great interest at the stand where the efforts of Teknomaks in video management software were showcased in detail. The stand also displayed Honeywell Black Series CCTV solutions, and enabled the visitors to be informed of the brand.

Reaching out to system integrators and current dealers across many Turkish towns through this fair, Teknomaks broke new ground by attending it as a part of the new agreement signed with Bosch Security Systems under a partnership which is a first for Turkey.

Delivering novelties of the industry to end users through the Bosch&Teknomaks Training provided by product managers of Bosch Security Systems, and Duetron Training by software engineers, Teknomaks provided updates for the participants.

Teknomaks was one of the most striking companies in ISAF 2015 Fair thanks to its extraordinary stand design with a camera concept and system application demos.

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