Nef Suites Haliç 47 offers Duetron's Card-Pass Automation

Author: Gökhan YILDIZ / Created at: 2015-11-16 07:20:40

Inspired by breath (nefes stands for breath in Turkish) and the fact that "breath is the indispensable element of life", Nef sets off with imagination and contemplation. It intends to offer a new alternative for any solution without being confined to dreams some other people have or needs they establish. It is characterized by a rational, humble, refined and unique lifestyle where sharing is made possible. As a creation by Nef, Foldhome concept provides grand living spaces in small square meters. Under the Foldhome system, you get to have a house with 24 rooms when you buy one. Through a reservation system, you can make use of 24 units ranging from movie theaters in the building you reside, Play Station rooms, a fully-equipped kitchen for times when you do not want to mess your own kitchen to a music room including a small recording studio to play piano or drums. 24 Foldhome units are mountable into your house when requested as if they are a room of the house, and you pay for them only when you benefit. Developing projects with high investment value in the heart of Istanbul, Nef opted for Duetron card-pass automation software when it came to both entrances & exits and air conditioning and lighting systems and control for playgrounds, Playstation room, fitness hall, artistic workshop and laundry of the project titled Nef Suites Haliç 47. Duetron card-pass automation software was offered as a solution for the entertainment room, Playstation room, Private Movie Theater, Fitness Hall and Artistic Workshop as a part of NEF Suites Haliç 47. The software features project identification, foldhome identification, card-reader identification, add - delete user (card identification), time manager (reservation tracking), door, air conditioning and lighting control, website integration, instant user tracking and reporting. Project Identification enables to identify more than one project in software, and perform automation checks of projects through a network via one single server. Foldhome & Card Reader Identification names card readers and enables to view hall names for both reservation and user tracking. Thus, it becomes easier to check on the system by hall names. Text Settings allow to input requested information in spaces on a LCD screen for card readers. The moment a card holder lets the reader read his/her card, you get to view information about the card and the hall on a screen. Time Manager furnishes an occasion to track what user makes reservation in which hall and at what time, and enables you to make intervention to reservations. For foldhomes with defined relay settings, one can intervene with automatic turning-on and turning-off times for air conditioning and lighting. User Management enables to identify cards on the database with users, and manage user communication details and their level of authorization for entry and exit.  API Management makes it possible to easily transmit reservation and user registration details through a website thanks to a custom key and an application key identified in line with an IP or a domain. Logs enable to view information about what user enters or exits what hall at what time and hour as well as unauthorized card identifications and walk-ins. As Ateksis, we put Duetron OS into use as it is our own operating system In an effort to enable this software to function apart from the Duetron software. Thus, we made sure the software ran in a more stable, safe and fast manner. Card readers were totally mounted in line with the aesthetic style of the doors, and put into service for the residents of Nef Suites Haliç. Duetron card-pass automation system provides users with a chance to benefit from foldhomes within their reservation times, and building personnel with an opportunity to have access through the same system.

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