Duetron Expands Its Product Portfolio with Fire Alarm Management

Author: Gökhan YILDIZ / Created at: 2015-11-09 06:58:35

Teknomaks has just added another Duetron-branded product to its arsenal as it has made an indelible impression thanks to security cameras and card-pass software in recent years. Released as the first version under the name of DuetronFMS, the software offers a complete management and monitoring capability for fire alarm systems. DuetronFMS has commenced to cooperate with Bosch FPA fire alarm panels for the initial application. In addition, the software is able to operate in conformity with other fire panels that communicate via OPC since it is designed in consideration of the commonly-adopted OPC standard.

DuetronFMS features a central server that bidirectionally transmits all collected data, and enables the system to be monitored and managed at various spots that operate as a client on the network. The comprehensive reporting content and map assistance are intended to provide users with real-time data in an opulent visual content.

Having announced its intention to keep developing software for building security and automation under the brand of Duetron, Teknomaks also noted that these products would operate in full integration to be ensured by a software-based perspective. It is because security systems and affiliated software vary and take more complicated forms on a daily basis in quantity and features. This can make it difficult for end users to monitor and manage systems. That is why the integration of systems within themselves gains more and more importance.

In line with this objective, the software development team of Teknomaks has been carrying on efforts to make sure all software can simultaneously communicate via a common protocol at the same platform. It was announced that the following version of DuetronFMS Fire Alarm Management software to be released in days to come would complement the integration with DuetronVMS Video Recording and Management. This enables to receive fire alarm signals through a CCTV system on an instant basis, and build scenarios accordingly.


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